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Eider Nation, LLC runs a fully insured Sea Duck Hunting Charter service from its home port in Chatham, Massachusetts on Cape Cod, U.S.A. and is owned and operated by Jamie Bassett who holds his Merchant Mariner Credential & U.S. Coast Guard Captain's License.  The service is properly permitted and licensed by the Town of Chatham Harbormaster to lawfully conduct service from local landings and in local and state waters.  Jamie holds his current Saltwater For-Hire Charter Permit, Wildlands Stamp, Federal Duck Stamp, and Massachusetts Sporting/Hunting License, issued by the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries & Wildlife.  His vessel is properly registered with the Massachusetts Environmental Police.  As a Cape Cod Native, with over 3 decades on the water, Jamie's local knowledge of outer Cape Cod's coastal systems, including North Beach, South Beach, Pleasant Bay, Nauset Inlet, and the Monomoy System, in all conditions and seasons, is what would be expected of a local guide. While nothing can be certain, Jamie will bring his local knowledge to bear and will work to find opportunities in order put you on Eider.  The guide vessel is a shallow draft Carolina Skiff with a F115HP 4 Stroke Yamaha.  The rig is equipped with a Garmin 741xs GPSMAP Touchscreen, a Cobra VHF system, and required safety equipment.  Coming into drop off points in skinny water is challenging during the best of circumstances but the Carolina Skiff is a surgical workhorse and excels at this task.  For decades, it has been a favorite among professional shell fishermen who need to access abundant shellfish areas in order to make a living and it really fits the bill for guiding clients.  It is wide and comfortable platform that can run on plane in shallow water, can come tight to an edge, can handle chop, and can usually be floated over really tough spots.  The rig can handle 4-6 passengers with gear and is the ideal local shallow water landing craft.  Inquire Now  

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