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Eider Sea Duck Hunting
on Outer Cape Cod
Atlantic Coast

2024 - 2025 Season



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Hunting Location:

Outer Cape Cod, Atlantic Coast

What to Bring
Warm Weather Gear, Hip Boots, Waders, Waterproof Gloves, Cell Phone with full charge,
Headlamp and/or Flashlight   

Massachusetts Hunting Permit Licensing
All Hunters need:
1. Federal Duck Stamp 
2. Valid Masschusetts Hunting License

3. Massachusetts Waterfowl Stamp
4. Wildlands Conservation Stamp
5. HIP# (Harvest Information Program - Survey)
6. 12 GA Chambered in 3.5.
7.  Must be plugged for a maximum of 3 rounds

6.  Use # 1, # 2, or #3 Non-Lead Shells
Modified Choke or Full Choke

Firearms Laws

Before you book with Eider Nation, LLC, please make absolutely certain that you 
review, read, understand, and comply with all Firearms laws of Massachusetts.  

Here is the link to Massachusetts Firearms Laws:

MA Firearms Laws

Migratory Game Bird Hunting Regulation 

Before you hunt in Massachusetts for migratory game birds,
make absolutely certain that you review, read, understand, intend to
comply with, and comply with all the rules set forth in the regulations.

Here is the link to Massachusetts Game Bird Hunting Regulations:

MA Game Bird Hunting Regulations  

Before You Arrive

Make sure you practice all year long before you get here.
Make sure your pattern is tight.  


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Eider Sea Duck Hunting Season  
2024 - 2025 

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Call / Text to Inquire
(508) 292-3060
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