Where Will We Sea Duck Hunt?

Sea Duck Hunting on Outer Cape Cod

Chatham, Massachusetts is the further eastward point of Cape Cod and extends approximately 35 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean.  With its ideal coastal location, Chatham's North Beach, South Beach, Monomoy, & Pleasant Bay systems offer an abundance blue mussels, green crabs, baby scallops, eel grass, sea lettuce, and more - important food sources for virtually all of the Migratory Sea Duck Species.  We will take advantage of this rich food supply and hunt sea ducks that are traveling within these pristine aquatic systems and back and forth from the Atlantic Ocean.         





Launching from

Ryder's Cove Landing, or

Barnhill Landing 

Chatham, MA Cape Cod

Office:  Eider Nation & Monomoy Adventures 

37 Kent Place Chatham, MA 02633




Tel: (508) 292-3060


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Cape Cod Sea Duck Hunting
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